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Need help with assignments? Having trouble finding information? This is a support forum for students doing their Certificate 3 in Childcare Studies.
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CHCCN301B Preparing for risks when traveling in Bus

CHCCN301B ensure health and safety of children

I am doing a long distance traineeship and require some support.
The question asked is what hazards and risks should e prepared for when traveling in a bus

Not sure if this means a public transport bus or hired transport, and what the different hazards are.
I know of some but aiming for a lengthy response and out of ideas for this answer
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Task two - Non-sexist Attitude Towards Block Play

Task two-Interact effectively with children..

At fun Days Child Care centre block play in the preschool room is almost always dominated by boys. When girls approach the block area they are often discouraged by the boys who tell them block building is for boys.
The boys tend to build towers and roads and are always quite noisy. There is usually a lot of discussion about what will be built and there is a high level ...
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Experience Plan Question

I am at the very end of my study (Cert 3) and we have to do an "Experience Plan" for our three ICO18 Reading experiences, three ICO19 Music Experiences and the extra experiences which I choose Learning Opposites.

We have to choose the Rationale, Outcome, Specific Objectives, Resources, Procedure, Evaluation and Follow up ideas.

I am not sure about the Specific Objective, what is the difference between Rationale?

Procedure, is this how we went about ...
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CHC30708 Task 3 Respecting Differences CHC30708 Task 3 Respecting Differences

Hey Guys
I need some help with this assignment

Asha, Sari and Rena (4.6 yrs-5 yrs) are playing in home corner. each girl has a doll and each is assigned the role of mother.
the girls are preparing themselves and their babies for an outing. using the dress up materials the girls put on dresses, jewellery and hats. they talk about the shops they will visit and where they will have coffee.
Asha reminds the ...
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I need to create a poster that could be displayed in the babies room to educate families and staff on the benefits of having a routine for babies. Im not sure what i need to put on the poster as we do not have babies at our centre so any help or ideas would be great.

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CHCFC301A Jett Scenario

Jett is a five year old. He is the youngest of four boys. His brothers are very athletic but Jett prefers drawing and making things. The older boys tease him and tell him he is a ‘fairy’ and a ‘girl’. The educator at Jett’s early learning centre is surprised when his behaviour becomes more and more aggressive. She wonders why gentle Jett is turning into a bully
1. Identify the psychological and emotions development concerns ...
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CHCFC301A Support the development of children

HELP what do, i confused myself
anyone have an example to help me?

CHCFC301A Support the development of children
Written task 1- Portfolio
You are required to compile a collection of resources, activities and experiences for both groups and individuals for the use in children's sevices. Your collection must incorporate samples of children's work, a description, a sketch or photographs

Your potfolio must cover two age groups. Choose one age group from group one and ...
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CHCCHILD401A Identify and respond to children and young people at risk and

1. Explain the statutory and policy requirements in regards to responding to children and young people at risk within the job role.

2. What are your ethical obligations? (as stated in relevant codes, policies, job specifications, registration with professional bodies)
identify duty of care responsibilities
 identify ethical issues and ethical dilemmas in the workplace
 acknowledge the impact of competing values, attitudes and belief systems
 employ problem-solving techniques to deal with ethical ...

CHCCN305B Provide care for babies "Provide an environment that provides security for babies/infants"

2.1 For this task you need to make a poster or slide show depicting the key elements of a quality physical environment for infants and toddlers.

2.2 Under each image you will need to briefly explain aspects of the environment/experience that supports one or more of the points below

Your presentation should include images of play environments and experiences that:
-Offer an abundance of sensory stimulation
-Be safe for exploration
-Support independence
-Support mastery of ...

HLTOHS300A Identify, assess and classify hazards

Hey guys, Ive answered a question as best I can but I don't know if Im answering it correctly. Could someone please take a look at my question and answer and tell me if its the right thing?

QUESTIONUsing a hazard checklist, identify five hazards in your work environment. Assess the risk associated with each hazard and classify them according to the level of risk. Prioritise how or when they should be dealt with using ...
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