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Need help with assignments? Having trouble finding information? This is a support forum for students doing their Certificate 3 in Childcare Studies.
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CHCCS400B Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework CHCCS400B Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

I am completing 'E0129 Certificate III in Children's Services RPL' and I was stuck on this question and was wondering if anyone could help..

1. What would you do if you were asked to support a new family and child who are from a culture not currently represented at the service?

I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction for this question.. do i answer it in relation to ...
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E0129 Certificate III in Children's Services RPL (need some help)

Hi, my name is Katie.

I have my cert III in children's services and have been working in the industry for about 5 years now. I have decided to start studying for my diploma but that's easier said than done because I just found out my cert III is the old one so now I have to complete a RPL first. I have some knowledge questions to answer but because its been awhile since Ive ...

CHCCN303A Food Assignment

I need help understanding what the following question means and how it links to food, allergies or nutrition..?
I am lost, no idea what to answer with....
Please, please help!!

In what circumstances are children excluded from the service in response to a health issue?

Please note that it is a question in the food related assignment.
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Can some one please help me completing the task 4 part 2 .I am just gone blank...I have to plan a two play experiences that reflect Indigenous perspective and present Indigenous culture and lifestyles..
with a detailed rationale on my selected activities....i am really stuck!
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CHCIC301E - Scenarios: Offer Choices & Promote Decision Making

Hi, i need help:
Tak(2 yrs) will help himself to much more than he can eat and be very cross if anyone tries to stop him.
Rea(3yrs) who points rather than ask for things will sit quietly and watch the others eat.
Kevin(4.9 years)will take charge of the plate and give the children the fruit he does not like.
Angela(5.2 years) will be to busy playing to come to morning tea even though she knows ...
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Assignment Tips - Where To Begin Guide For Students

For All Students:

Stuck on a question? Don’t know where to begin? Don't worry… Our Support Team have created a guide on what you can do to get through those tough assignments!

  1. Read the question in context to the assignment.

  2. Ask yourself what does it mean? Re-read the question if you don't understand it the first time.

  3. What am I being taught? Look through materials and information provided in class or with this ...
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Develop understanding of children's interests and developmental needs..Help!

Okay so I have read Chapter six of Birth to big school(my textbook), I'm having a little trouble with the the last two questions in task one.

2. In relation to professional conduct describe three factors that should be taken into account when observing and recording information about children.

I have put:

*Confidentiality-All information gathered about the child/children should be regarded as confidential and should not be discussed with anyone.

*Record without bias-Observations and reports ...

CHCFC301A - Gross & Fine motor skills Routines & Activities


Consider the routines and activities that are provided in your service. Of the gross and fine motor skills you have listed, highlight the ones that are not provided for daily.

anyone have any ideas for me ? pls help me how can i answer this question i am not on placement yet :sweating:

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CHCCN302A multicultural story help

this is the last question i have for this assignment and i am having a bit of trouble working out what i have to do.
the question is as follows:
develop a story and create a story book that can be used to explain nutritional needs to diverse children. remember children who have language difficulties need to be able to understand your story. therefore being able to see and understand are essential elements.

can ...
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CHC30708 - Ethical Obligations, legal instructions & statutory requirements - HELP!!!

OK so I am really stuck on my second assignment on the first 3 questions. It has completely baffled me and the more i read the more confusing it is getting, all im seeing is blah blah blah! I have wrote my answers down that I have so far, I want to know if I am on the right track or way off?

Q1. What are your statutory and policy requirements for identifying, observing and ...


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