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Need help with assignments? Having trouble finding information? This is a support forum for students doing their Certificate 3 in Childcare Studies.
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CHCCHILD401A- Identify and respond to young children at risk

Hi I'm having trouble with a couple of the questions for Assessment 1 task 1. I don't know how to find the answer to the question-
What is the name of the leislation that relates to child protection in your State (Qld)?

I'm also having trouble with this question-
What are the indicators of failure to provide basic physial or emotional necessities for children?

That question confuses me because I don't know the difference between ...
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CHCCN305A - Providing Care to Babies

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site, but have checked to see if any of the answers that have already been posted help so that I don't waste anyones time.

I am having some difficuties with these questions and I was hoping that someone could help/check these answers.

Question 4: Suggest carer strategies that could be used to respond to ot support the infant and the family.

Almas (5 months) - Almas is having ...
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assignment CHCCN303A

Any suggestions for assignment CHCCN303A, having trouble finding DOCS’s regulations and NCAC principles, which relate to food preparation and provision.
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need help with a assignmet

In class assessment 5
The last straw
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I need help with the following questions:

Outline how the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics relates to your work with children.

What do you need to consider when making an ethical decision?

Consider the following scenarios and outline what your response is to each one:

- a family asks you to baby sit for them on the weekends and they will pay you in cash. Ethically, is this a conflict of interest to you ...
Read more : CODE OF ETHICS & ETHICAL PRACTICE | Views : 1220 | Replies : 2

CHCCS400A case scenarios CHCCS400A case scenarios

Hi everyone,
I am doing a certificate 3 in children services and I am new to this please any one can help me with this case scenarios...I am really stuck on this ones...

Your room leader often leaves you alone in the room with the children. There are more than twenty preschool aged children in the room.
Why is this inappropriate?
Does this action breach any regulations, service/centre policies or procedures – if so ...
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contribute to ohs processes contribute to ohs processes

i need to do a handout with my choose oh&s issue and write how i would explain it to staff?

my issue is staff wearing hats also when outdoors with the children?

the reason i choose this issue is that the centre i am doing my work experinence at do not wear hats
when the children are outdoor it is part of there policy

please any help would be great
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CHCCN302A-Task two-Familiar rituals

Soo.. I am currently doing the second assignment of my second module. And I really don't know how I should explain what it is asking.

When the 3-5 year old children arrive at XYZ children's centre a sign in sheet is provided so that the children can record their arrival. The children then take their photo name card from the board and place it on the tree.

Explain how this strategy supports children's emotional well-being ...
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Hi could anyone explain this question to me clearly, as im stuck on it because im not understanding it correctly and its due.

Question: Research two children’s websites critically evaluate whether these are of interest to the age group of children who would use these websites;
Give the web address of both with your response.
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CHCF301A Support the development of Children

give an example of how you would repond or follow up a child communication with you ??
would this be if a child says "im going to the beach on saturday" then on monday you ask that child "how was the beach on saturday ??"
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