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Need help with assignments? Having trouble finding information? This is a support forum for students doing their Certificate 3 in Childcare Studies.
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CHC30712 assessment scenarios

I have an idea on these scenarios but just not sure if i am on the right track pls let me know if anyone can help thanks :)

Sharing information with families Case Scenario 2 – Slap!
Rod, a young father arrives to pick up his son Jake 4.6yrs. Jake’s mother died 9 months ago and Jake and his father are still grieving. Rod goes into the ...
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CHCCN302A- Provide Care for children

Hi everyone! Im kinda stuck with my assignment on Task 1 pls help me ..we should make a table format :
You are an assistant in a Long Day Care Service and a new staff member has just started. You need to research the following areas and record in dot point form all the information they need to know about these subject areas, in order to do their job correctly.
Use the table format suggested ...
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CHCPR303D- Develop an understanding of children's interests and developmental needs

A few questions I'm not sure on.. any suggestions?

When applying limits, strategies need to be adapted in accordance with the age/stage of
development of the child. Also cultural differences should be taken into account. Describe the different methods that would be appropriate.

It’s important to use daily routines as opportunities to acquire and practise skills. True or false? Explain.

Research one of the following religions and 3 features of its dietary requirements (use more ...

CHCIC301E- Interact effectively with children: supporting & encourging children

Hi there, a few questions I'm stuck on. Help anyone please?

What can you do to ensure children are prepared and well supported for changes in their
environment, in their families or in health? (not sure if my answer is sufficient)
Children need time to adjust to change. They should be given notice if the change occurs within the service.

If you work (or have previously worked) in a child care setting, write down your ...

CHCCN302A- Provide care for children: Contributing Ideas, Safety & Separation Anxiety

Hi there, I'm new to this site, but I'm studying Cert 3 in childcare online. I'm having trouble with a few different questions on different assignments. I find that there are a lot of questions, answers to which you cannot find in the reading material or the power points offered.

Thank you in advance to anyone who's willing to offer any tips or ideas.

List 3 ways you can encourage children to regularly contribute their ...

Poster for food and oral health and hygiene Poster for food and oral health and hygiene

Hi again everyone,

I have a task about create a poster to provide information on the relationship between healthy foods,oral health and hygiene and the development of speech. I have done the poster but my training officer said i didnt provide any information how its related i don't really understand can someone explain it to me if my answer is right...

Healthy eating for healthy teeth..
Drinking of milk helps the children to have strong ...
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What are the disadvantages of using Learning Story method


Anyone knows What are the disadvantages using Learning Story method?

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Hi everyone, can anyone help me with this task,, i find it abit difficult..
The scenario
Kylie has asked nathan to help put up a display of the childrens artwork.Nathan is tall and can easily reach the display boards. Today however he is trying to attach some string to the top of the window with a thumbtacks and he can't quite reach it. Nathan would normally used the step ladde but it was broke sometime ...
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CHCCN301A Policy review Food Handling

Hi everyone,
Am having trouble with how this report should be set out:
CHCCN301A – 1.7,
CHCCN303A ‐ 2.1‐2.4
Following the success of your newsletter article the Director has asked you to assist with policy reviews at your centre. This month’s policy for review is Food Handling, Preparation and Storage.
The Director would like you to research relevant sections of the Child Care Legislation and Quality Assurance Principles and present your findings to a team ...
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CHCIC301E - Child's likes and dislikes

Hi all,

Just answering a question for this unit and was wondering if you could give me an oppinion on my answer...

12. Why is it important to take a child’s likes and dislikes into account?
It is important to take a child’s likes and dislikes into account because from doing so you can advance their interests while avoiding unnecessary conflicts. If a child is comfortable and in an environment that makes them feel happy ...
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