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Photo observations assignment due thursday

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Photo observations assignment due thursday

Postby aus22 » Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:07 am

Hi, for one of my assignments I have to do a photo observation. I have been searching the internet for examples, but haven't come across any, can anyone help? What types of things do I need to include. The photo is of a boy coloruing in a colour in page.
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Re: Photo observations assignment due thursday

Postby Lorina » Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:04 pm

Hi Aus22,

When using a photo observation the information you can include can be a caption explaining what the child is doing or a narrative which gives specific details of the events that occurred during the time you took the photo. For e.g.(this is based on the photo you had described in your post) - Joseph pointed to the colouring page that was on the table "That's a plane, I've been on an plane before" Joseph commented. "Where did you go?" the teacher asked. "I went on holidays with mum and dad" Joseph replied. "Did the aeroplane you flew in look like this?" the teacher questioned. Joseph sat down at the table "Kinda but the plane was blue, I'll make it blue" Joseph suggested.

Now you can also add "Joseph picked up the pencil in his right hand, using a tripod grip" (or whichever hand he was holding the pencil in and whatever grip he was using). However due to the EYLF Curriculum Framework we are not using "Developmental Checklists" as part of an observation tool anymore so there is no need to acknowledge which hand or which grip a child uses when drawing/writing. Thought I'd just add it in...

Basically a picture tells 1000 words so there is no need to write what is happening in the photo... For e.g. "Joseph sat down, picked up a blue pencil and began to colour in the page". Write down what the child explains to you, ask open ended questions and write down child's responses also add any conversations the child has during the observation.

I hope you will be able to complete this assignment by Thursday,

Cheers :geek:,
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