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Help please. Assignment re child with separation anxiety

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Help please. Assignment re child with separation anxiety

Postby babyboo » Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:17 pm

Your Assignment Module Number and Heading: Assignment 1 - Off the job

CHCFC301A – Support the development of children
CHCIC301E – Interact effectively with children
CHCPR301C – Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning
CHCPR303D Develop an understanding of children’s interests and developmental needs
Your Assignment Type: Case Scenario
Currently Working in Childcare? Yes
Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge

Your Question?
Hi there,

I am currently 1/2 way through the assignment. There are various parts but it is a case study on a little girl 3.5 yrs. 4 videos and from that have to do observations and interpretations using all developmental domains, comment on and use the EYLF, come up with three plans for a childcare setting for this little girl. fostering her development within a childcare setting.

I'd love some help please on coming up with some ideas for planning for this child. Also I am struggling a little with the EYLF and using it correctly here.

What is your answer so far or What have you done so far as an attempt to solve this question?
So far I have done the observations and am interpreting them (commenting on the domains observed, emerging or not present), listing the EYLF involved (iincluding sub elements) and am currently trying to put together the plans.

Description and Message:
In brief this child has major separation anxiety from her mother. When at home with mum all domains are there and age appropriate. She is happy, confident, fine and gross motor skills are good, speech is a little hard to understand sometimes but grammar structure etc all good. At playgroup she makes only brief eye contact, doesn't engage with anyone, is extremely tense and anxious, follows mum around and won't let her leave. She does do some of the activities (alone or with mum to help) but is completely mute. At home when another adult was brought in child struggled to engage. But patience and gentle and fun one on one attention worked and after a few hours child was laughing, interacting, give and take conversation and playing without mum in the room (although she was in the house). Child interacts with grandparents but only when mum is present. Won't allow mum to leave.

Mum is anxious and reluctant to leave child which feeds child's fears.

Child's strengths:
Loves dolls, numbers and patterns, imaginary games (with playdo. Made things and used them to tell a story), puzzles and painting, playdo. counts to four (may go further but not observed in video), shares, knows and names body parts, has a sense of humour, dresses a doll though needed some help
holds things like a paint brush with thumb and finger,

Weaknesses: Severe anxiety around being away from mum, doesn't engage with other children or any other adults at playgroup, not even with mum in the room. Will make brief eye contact but that's it. Needs a lot of guidance when not at home, language seems good but can be hard to understand sometimes (could have been video quality too)

Plan for childcare.
1. I've set up a gradual plan introducing child to care and involving mum in process. I don't think the 'just leave' approach will work with this child. Not with strangers and in an unfamiliar environment

2. She seems to like making things so have set up a table with craft (beads, paints, glitter, paper shapes, leaves etc) for her and some other children to build in skills she already has, encourage motor skills and imagination and to encourage interaction with educator and a small number of other children in a non threatening way. (Also thought of beads and threading as she likes patterns and is good for motor skills etc)

I'm stuck on the third one. Maybe guided dress ups like going shopping? Themed so she can receive some guidance if needed but if not kids are free to play using a whole lot of props (dress ups, dolls, shopping carts, play good and money etc)

Needs to be encouraging but non threatening and build on strengths while helping weaknesses/emerging skills.

Any other ideas I would be very grateful for.

Thank you :)
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Re: Help please. Assignment re child with separation anxiety

Postby Lorina » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:26 pm

You could also start an orientation process before the child starts at the centre. Get mum and child to stay at the centre, within the room the child will be in,mfor a few hours each day. Child will become familiar with the routine, children and carers within the room. One carer should also be used during this transition process to help settle the child. The carer should spend their time engaging and interacting with the child building trust and relationships during the orientation procedure. It may help ease transition. Even though the child and parent may find it difficult it will ease within a few weeks...

Hope this helps,

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Re: Help please. Assignment re child with separation anxiety

Postby Kirby » Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:10 pm

Can i please ask if this observation is on Megen? I am struggling with the same question i think.

Thanks Kirby
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Re: Help please. Assignment re child with separation anxiety

Postby babyboo » Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:35 pm

Thank you Lorina, that really helped.
Yes Kirby, it is Megen. I just handed the assignment in but will see what happens there. Quite a complicated case study.
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