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Aussie Childcare Network is an educational resource website for early childhood educators, teachers, parents and students doing their early childhood studies. Our website provides useful and informative articles, printables, programming and planning tools, forums, gallery, wiki, resources and much more on a variety of topics from birth to 12 years.

What do you benefit from AussieChildcareNetwork?

We constantly strive to build useful resources for all Early Childhood Professionals, Students, Parents and Teachers. Aussie Childcare Network has the following features:

  1. Wiki - A Wiki system that allows more features and to create a gateway for collaborative work on Articles where everyone can contribute and improve the contents and information.  With Aussie Childcare Network Wiki, Registered users are able to add, modify, edit, create articles in collaboration with others; articles are built with advanced tagging system and also designed in a way so that all articles provide useful and extensive information for Educators and Parents. 
  2. Printables – Our Printables section has a collection of Educational Printables and Worksheets for children. You can use these printables to encourage child development and learning. All printables and worksheets are created by Aussie Childcare Network and are available for you to download and print in a high quality pdf format for free. You can find a variety of worksheets for Cutting Skills, Pre writing Skills, Alphabet Worksheets, Numbers Worksheets, Colours & Shapes Worksheets, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Math Worksheets, Flashcards, Posters and heaps more..
  3. Online EYLF Tools – A Collection of EYLF and MTOP Programming and Planning Tools and Templates that you can use at your Long Daycare Centre, Family Daycare or Before and After school care centre. A unique digital tool, which helps you cut down your paperwork as well as create professional looking childcare documentations meeting the requirements of EYLF, MTOP and NQS. Here you can find programming templates for Daily Curriculum Plans, Weekly Curriculum Plans, Learning Stories, Reflections of our Day, Child Obs and more..
  4. Forum - Free Forum Support is given to Childcare professionals, Students and Parents. This Childcare forum will enable you to connect to real people with real experiences who are here to support, guide and assist you. Best of all, this forum connects Child care Professionals and Parents from different parts throughout Australia and worldwide which means you get more accurate and reliable information from people around you.
  5. Gallery - The "Gallery" is a unique feature which enables you to upload and share images of your Childcare Room Setup, Room Displays, Kid’s Activities, Art and Craft ideas and also have your own personal albums and more. The Gallery is a very powerful and useful component when sharing images with one another and is an excellent way to share things and get ideas for Rooms and Activities.
  6. My Network - A special feature for our members that helps you create your own social network with other members here at Aussie Childcare Network. This is full valued social network software where you can create your own page similar to "Facebook" with all main features of social network such as: Share User statuses with comments, Friends approval system with friends list, instant messenger, receive notifications on friend’s activities, etc.

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Aim of AussieChildcareNetwork:

When we developed this website in November 2009, we wanted to incorporate our strengths, knowledge, experience and the needs of the community. Early childhood education and care is an essential part of today’s society. We realized that there is a need for a one of a kind website that provides genuine resources and support without the motive to make money or compel users to buy their products. So we decided to dedicate our time and knowledge in developing Aussie Childcare Network. By providing you with free educational resources we offer our support to you and want you to gain an understanding of child development and learning. Whether you are working within the early childhood industry or a parent, you will benefit from the features and services available in AussieChildcareNetwork.com.

Just recently, in September 2013, we also developed and introduced the Aussie Childcare Network Wiki feature in this website. Our mission is to create a website that provides a huge collection of resources and articles on various topics related to Early Childhood Development and in providing free information and resources to the world. We value the importance of Early Childhood and we strive hard to create a place that supports everyone dealing, raising or working with young Children. Our Aussie Childcare Network Wiki is developed to empower every person to learn about various techniques, strategies and tips for developing a child’s learning and allow the ability to create a collaborative work with the support of many volunteers around the world, who are willing to dedicate their spare time in sharing their knowledge and experience. We are driven by a shared passion to create a high-quality collection of articles on Early Childhood development, education, care and learning. We keep improving each article until we think it has become the single most helpful set of information available on that topic anywhere. While we recognize that this ambitious goal which will take years to accomplish, we take pleasure in knowing that we already help and support a lot of educators and parents every day. We appreciate your valuable contributions to the Service and truly thankful to our volunteers who freely share, organizes, creates, or improves information with the intent of helping and supporting others.

Further to the other services we provide, we also work hard in providing free forum support for educators, students and parents all around Australia as well as worlwide. There are many times you may just need that extra support from someone to guide you when you feel lost or have a question that you want to ask someone. That is what our Forum is built for. We take pride to knowing that we are able to help many educators, students and parents everyday in one way or the other and that we also have a group of supporters who appreciate our effort and cause. Our website first started as a simple forum and people came together because they wanted to help other people, because they needed to learn something new, or they just like to share their knowledge and experience with others. Its incredible to know how people are ready to help a stranger and it is this passion of helping others that fuels our forum everyday and more and more people are coming to this website everyday. We are happy that our vision of creating a better place in the internet for Early Childhood Education and care is going on the right track!

Who owns AussieChildcareNetwork?

Aussie Childcare Network is a privately owned husband and wife partnership based in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Combining each of our strengths and experience in software engineering, computer programming and working & studying in the early childhood industry, we are able to create AussieChildcareNetwork, in our own free time. We do spend ALL of our spare time in the development of this website and it takes considerable amount of hard work and hours of dedication to ensure we provide the best quality of resources, information, articles, resources and printables to everyone out there.

Support Us and Become a part of Aussie Childcare Network Project:

There are many ways you can support the Aussie Childcare Network project by contributing your time, talent and participation. Every little bit helps and we appreciate any support you can provide to Aussie Childcare Network. You can help us with the Wiki by creating Articles that we dont have yet, editing existing articles to improve its content and information, help us with the Forum by contributing your experience and knowledge with others, help us with the Gallery by uploading photos and sharing ideas for Room set-up, room displays and kids activities with other educators, help us with resources if you have got any ideas on articles or would like to share your collections of kids games or any other resources, link to us, help us spread the word, or support us with a donation. Anything and everything helps. Click here to read more on how you can support Aussie Childcare Network project.

AussieChildcareNetwork Building Partnerships between Early Childhood Educators and Parents:

If you are either an early childhood educator or a parent you will understand the importance a child is within a family as well as the significance of experiences a child gains within their early childhood development. AussieChildcareNetwork will enable you to collaborate with one another and work together to contribute to each child's experiences and development. This is a great opportunity for us to play an active role in supporting one another and building partnerships between parents and early childhood educators within Australia and worldwide by sharing our own knowledge, understandings, and practices.

Supporting Early Childhood Educators:

Working within early childhood is both a demanding and rewarding job. It gives great satisfaction to allow us to be involved in the early development of a child's life.

Throughout the years there have been so many changes within the industry that we have now seen it grow as part of the community and become a real necessity with today's working parents in Australia. In doing so, childcare has now reached a high quality standard with the label of "childcare workers" being transformed into "early childhood educators". We continue to develop our learning, our skills and our continuing development in providing high quality care for families from all states in Australia.

As an early childhood educator, AussieChildcareNetwork will enable you to develop your learning and your skills by giving you an opportunity to have access to a variety of free Resources, Articles, Printables, Programming Templates and much more which will benefit you as an early childhood educator.

Not only does AussieChildcareNetwork enable you to access many free resources, you also have access to the online Forum. This forum is a unique feature as it connects you with other educators throughout Australia and worldwide. The forum allows you to ask questions, share answers, share thoughts & ideas, issues and concerns and discuss what is important to you within the early childhood industry.

Supporting Parents:

Working and raising a family is a difficult choice that many families share. Finding high quality care for your baby, toddler or preschooler is a challenging task as you begin your search for childcare. Early childhood settings throughout Australia have changed dramatically over the years and childcare centres are providing high quality care for children.

High quality care consists of providing you with the best possible care for your child. Early childhood educators are well trained and continuing to develop their skills to better care for your child, childcare centres are safe and a nurturing place to leave your child and each centre provides a vast array of opportunities for your child to grow and develop in their early childhood learning.

AussieChildcareNetwork will enable you to have access to a variety of free parenting resources, such as articles and information on child care and parenting, children activities and games, child development, children behavior, pregnancy, child psychology and much more that may support your understanding in your child's early learning.

You also have the opportunity to participate in the online Forum. It will provide you with an opportunity to connect with other parents and early childhood educators throughout Australia and worldwide, share parenting experiences, offer suggestions, discuss issues & concerns and provide relevant information about the thrills and challenges of being a parent.

Supporting Students of Early Childhood Studies:

Completing a qualification in early childhood studies is a step closer in starting a career as an early childhood educator. When studying there may be times where assignments or tasks seem a little difficult to understand and you may need some support to further develop your understanding. Using our online Forum feature, AussieChildcareNetwork provides free support and guidance to all students through their early childhood studies. Our users and support team contribute their own free time, knowledge and experience by providing assistance to students where necessary. This can include clarifying a question, assisting with information or re-checking a response. The help and support we provide gives students the confidence they need to complete their studies and become high quality educators. For students there are also a variety of articles and resources available to guide them through their studies and career in early childhood education and care.

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We are committed in providing you with resources and information that will bring our community of early childhood educators and parents working together in raising a child.

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